Juniper Hill School

Welcome to Juniper Hill School…

“Kindness Enjoyment Achievement”


Year Group Class Teacher
Reception Wrens Miss Lewis
Reception Robins Miss Harris 
Year 1 Sparrows Mrs Averill 
Year 1 Goldfinches Mr Martin
Year 2 Nuthatches Miss Haynes and Mrs Hunt
Year 2 Skylarks Ms Swift 
Year 3 Kestrels Miss Smith and Miss Wood
Year 3 Waxwings Mrs Wilson 
Year 4 Woodpeckers Miss Lightfoot and Mrs Jackson
Year 4 Jays Miss Butt
Year 5 Grebes Mrs Duhan and Mrs Goalby
Year 5 Herons Mr Hughes
Year 6 Owls Mrs Daley
Year 6 Red Kites Mr Ginzler-Ring


Teacher with no class responsibility:


Mr Goodall