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January 2023 Weekly Updates

Online Safety – Game Finder - 13th January 2023


Finding games for children which are appropriate for their age, which work on the devices the children use and the children will actually enjoy playing can be a minefield, particularly when parents are being bombarded with the 'but everyone else is playing this game' guilt trip. Game Finder is a new (free) service available from Taming Gaming which walks parents through various aspects, such as how old is your child? What devices do they have? What types of games do they like to play?, and then gives a list of recommendations of suitable games. You can find Game Finder HERE.



Online Safety - Find the Fake – 20th January 2023


Internet Matters have a great little quiz for parents and their children to test their knowledge around areas such as fake news, disinformation, misinformation, and how to stop it from spreading. You can find the quiz HERE.