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The School Governors


The School Governors play a very active role in our school. The governing body consists of twelve governors, including parents, staff, Local Authority (LA) and community representatives. Self-evaluation is a vital part of our culture here at Juniper Hill. We have a formal process of constantly reviewing all aspects of the school and we listen to everyone involved for their ideas. We have a “School Plan” of priority actions that each sub-committee of the governing body decides are necessary to address areas where we want to develop further, focusing mainly in curriculum areas and the development of the school premises. In the last ten years we have built new classrooms and a new library, refurbished all the toilets and the kitchen, and created the splendid adventure playground. Funding for these projects has been raised using our annual capital grants and extensive support from the “Friends of Juniper Hill”.


We have three sub-committees:

  1. The Teaching, Learning and Community (TL&C) committee focuses on pupils’ learning and behaviour and the school’s links with the wider community.
  2. The Finance and Resources (F&R) committee oversees the finances and premises of the school.
  3. The Strategy and Planning (S&P) committee is concerned with the management of annual and long term planning processes.

Minutes of the meetings of the Governing Body are available in school. Key policies can be found on the 'Policies' page on the 'Parents' tab. If you would like to know any more about the school governors or are interested in getting involved, please contact any of the following governors or ask in the school office.






Ms Anna Robinson

Chair of Governors


Mr Andrew McClean Vice-Chair of Governors


Mrs Claire Garnett


Mrs Annette Wilkes


Mr Sasha Lakovic

  Parent   Mr Charles Newhouse


Ms Maddy Sykes


Mr Philip Parry


Mrs Cara Duhan



Governor Category Term of Office Finance and Resources Teaching, Learning and Community Strategy and Planning Specific Role
Ms Anna Robinson Co-opted Sept 2017-Sept 2021 X   X Communication
Mr Andrew McClean Associate March 2016- March 2020   X (Voting Rights) X (Chair)

Child Protection

Deputy Chair of Governors

Mrs Claire Garnett Headteacher Ongoing X X X  
Mrs Cara Duhan Staff Sept 2018-Sept 2028   X (Clerk) X Diversity & Equality
Mr Charles Newhouse Parent March 2019 - March 2023 X      
Ms Maddy Sykes Parent Sept 2017-Sept 2021 X X X

Performance Management

Literacy & Development


Mr Phil Parry Parent March 2018-March 2022   X X Science
Mrs Annette Wilkes Co-opted March 2018-March 2022 X   X


PTA Link

Mr Sasha Lakovic Co-opted March 2018-March 2020   X Chair) X (Clerk) Numeracy & Sport




Juniper Hill Governing Body – Roles and Responsibilities


A group of Governors may be required to form the Complaints Panel, Staff Dismissal, Staff Dismissal Appeals, Employee Grievance, Pay Review Appeals or Pupil Discipline Committees.   The Chairman of Governors has the authority to form such committees from the Governor’s pool, should they be required to meet, and a Chairman of such a committee would be elected at such a meeting.  No Governor can sit on a committee if they have prior knowledge of a staff dismissal incident, an employee grievance, an exclusion issue or staff (with regard to pay related issues).  Any Governor who sits on the Staff Dismissal committee cannot sit on the Staff Dismissal Appeals committee.  Governors are reminded of the need to attend Committee meetings at the agreed time – if governors are unable to attend, please could they inform the relevant Committee Chairmen/school of their absence 



Governing Body Documents


Many of our Policies are available online as pdf documents – please click on the 'Policies' page under the 'Parents' section of the web site.

Other documents are available on request from the school office. There is a file readily available in the school reception area of the Minutes of the termly Full Governing Body Meetings, and other committee minutes and documents are filed by the office. Single copies of most items are free. If your request means that we have to do a lot of photocopying or printing, or pay a large postage charge, or is for a priced item such as some printed publications or videos we will let you know the cost before fulfilling your request.