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Questions and Answers

1) What shall I do if my child is absent from school?


First Day Absence - Parents should advise the school by telephone on the first day of absence and provide the school with an expected date of return, parents must do this by 9.30am. Alternative arrangements will be agreed with non-English speaking parents/carers. If the parents have not contacted the school by 9.30am, the school will text/call the parents. If they do not receive a response by 9.45am, a member of SLT will call all contact numbers the school holds for the child. If the school is unable to talk to a parent / carer by 10am, where possible two members of staff will visit the child’s home. If the child cannot be located and Juniper staff are concerned about the child’s safety, they will consider contacting the police. The school has a duty of care to protect your children. If your child isn’t in school please can you let us know. 


2) What are your rules regarding sickness and diarrhoea?


If your child is suffering from vomiting and/or diarrhoea they MUST remain absent for 48 hours from their last bout. This is a NHS directive aimed at reducing the spread of sickness throughout the population and we will send your child home if they return to school too soon to prevent others from becoming ill.


3) I am concerned about the health of my child. Where can I go for advice?



4) I would like to become a Parent Helper. Do you have any information?


Please see our 'Volunteer' page for further information.


5) What are the procedures for if it snows?


If you have any further questions you may find our 'Prospectus' helpful.