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English (Literacy)


We view the development of children’s literacy skills as a partnership between home and school. The children’s reading skills in particular benefit significantly from close co-operation between parents and teachers, and we expect that all children will read every day at home with a family member, starting with sounds from early in the Reception year. Home reading to develop fluency and comprehension continues throughout the school to develop the children as independent readers, with the skills to learn effectively in all areas of the curriculum. It is also important that children hear stories read aloud to them as this will develop their vocabulary and imagination, and model good reading behaviour. Recent research information from the Institute for Education at the University of London highlights the importance of reading for pleasure on the whole of a child’s academic progress, including maths as well as literacy skills.


The school has extensive resources to support the teaching of English, including the home reading scheme books that are taken home to read every day, and books specifically for use in the classroom. Children are taught a joined cursive handwriting style from the very beginning of learning to write. They learn phonics, word recognition and spelling strategies. A range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry enables children to develop comprehension and writing skills and provide opportunities to focus on grammar and punctuation, sentence structure and writing in a variety of styles for a range of purposes.


We have an attractive, large and well-stocked library from which all children are able to borrow books. The library contains a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, which are used to broaden the children’s reading opportunities and develop their research skills.