Juniper Hill School

Welcome to Juniper Hill School…

“We take pride in all we do”


School Uniform






Grey trousers or shorts (not black)


White shirt or polo shirt with logo






Red sweatshirt with logo


Grey socks


Black sensible shoes (not trainers)

Grey skirt or pinafore dress or trousers (not black)


White blouse or polo shirt with logo (not red check)


OR red check summer dress

OR red check blouse and skirt (not to be worn separately)


Red sweatshirt or cardigan with logo


White socks or red or grey tights


Flat, black sensible shoes (not trainers)

PE and Games Kit:

All children are expected to change for PE and Games: All items below are to be kept in school in a named PE bag:

Red tee shirt, black shorts, and plimsolls

From Year 1 upwards: black tracksuit and plimsolls or trainers for outdoor games.

All, as needed

Warm coat for outside play, sun hat for summer.

Most children use a small rucksack to carry their book bags, lunch boxes and water bottles.

Reception & KS1

Red book bag


Wellies, to be kept in school



Uniform is available from Hawkinsport, Bourne End, and PMG of High Wycombe.


Jewellery, other than small stud earrings if essential, should not be worn to school as it has the potential to injure the wearer or others. If jewellery is worn for religious reasons this must be agreed with the school. All earring studs must be removed or taped over for PE and Games. Watches and any other potentially dangerous items of personal wear should also be removed. It will be a child's responsibility to remove and replace their studs.


Hair should be tidy and all children with long hair (including boys) may be asked to tie their hair back for some activities for safety or hygiene reasons. Hair ties/accessories should be in school colours.


The school cannot take responsibility for injury caused by, or to, a child whose parents have disregarded these important safety rules.


For further information please see our Prospectus on the 'Key Information' page under the 'About Us' tab.