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“We take pride in all we do”

The School Day


The School Day and Session Times 


The school day is organised into a morning and an afternoon session. All pupils have a morning break and pupils up to and including Year 2 have an afternoon break. During the normal school week the time spent on teaching in Reception to Year 2 is 21 hours and 20 minutes; for years 3 to 6 it is 23 hours and 45 minutes.


"Pupils display very good attitudes to learning in all lessons. They are highly motivated, enthusiastic and are keen to participate in lessons" - Bucks County Council Review February 2015


"Pupils enjoy their lessons and one pupil described lessons as 'joyful'. A scrutiny of pupils' books demonstrates the pride and care they take with their work" - Bucks County Council Review February 2015


Parents should ensure that children arrive punctually at school. Our school day for all pupils begins promptly for all pupils at 8.55 am. A senior member of staff is on duty in the playground from 8.45am. Parents are encouraged to bring younger children onto the playground and many of our older pupils come to school independently. The bell rings at 8.55 am so that children can be in their classrooms ready for school to start at 9 am. Children enter the school through the door designated for their class. When all parents and carers have left the playground the gates are locked. Parents and childen arriving after 9.00am should use the main entrance and report to the school office.


At the end of the school day teachers of Reception and Key Stage 1 children bring them to their outside door to meet their parent or carer.

Key Stage 2 children meet their parents and carers in the playground. Older children may walk home or meet parents at an agreed meeting point.

The school should always be notified of any changes to collection arrangements.


Hot Meals


Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are entitled to have a school lunch free of charge. This will be explained to parents when their child joins the school. Meals are provided by Dolce Ltd and meals are pre-ordered using the 'Live Kitchen' system.


Juniper Hill Term Dates




Term                                        Open on morning of                            Close end of afternoon of


Autumn                                    Monday 5th September 2016                Friday 21st October 2016

                                                 Tuesday 1st November 2016                Tuesday 20th December 2016

Spring                                     Thursday 5th January 2017                   Friday 10th February 2017

                                                 Monday 20th February 2017                  Friday 31st March 2017

Summer                                  Tuesday 18th April 2017                         Friday 26th May 2017

                                                 Monday 5th June 2017                           Thursday 20th July 2017


Recommended In-service training days:  Thursday 1st September 2016, Friday 2nd September 2016, Monday 31st October 2016, Wednesday 4th January 2017, Friday 21st July 2017.



School will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2017.