Juniper Hill School

Welcome to Juniper Hill School…

“We take pride in all we do”


Year Group                      Class Name                  Teacher


Reception                        Wrens                           Miss West

Reception                        Robins                          Miss Harris

Year 1                              Sparrows                      Mrs Averill and Mrs Griffiths

Year 1                              Goldfinches                  Miss Lewis

Year 2                              Nuthatches                   Miss Dann

Year 2                              Skylarks                       Miss Furmston

Year 3                              Kestrels                        Mrs West and Mrs Goalby

Year 3                              Waxwings                     Mrs Wilson

Year 4                              Woodpeckers               Mrs Jackson and Mrs Bridson

Year 4                              Jays                             Miss Butt

Year 5                              Grebes                         Mrs Duhan & Mrs Hunt

Year 5                              Herons                         Mr Hughes

Year 6                              Owls                             Mrs Daley

Year 6                              Red Kites                     Mr Ginzler-Ring