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Stage 9

                              JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                    STAGE 9 BOOKS



Shiver Me Timbers

The Boss Dog of Blossom Street

Treasure Hunt

The Squink

Nasty Nate’s Pirate Adventures

Bigboots the Spider


Oh, Otto!

Top of the Table

The Cowboy Next Door

Power Racers

Walrus Joins In

I’m the Leader

Food Fuel

Game On!

Behind the Camera

An A-Z of Record Breakers

Extreme Fashion

Turtle Beach

The Magic Cow

Wake Up!

Puss in Boots

Sculptures for the Emperor

Sea Stories


The Thing in the Cupboard

Rock Pool to Rainforest

Message in an X-bot

Stone Sculptures to Frozen Figures

The Deadly Boomslang

Green Island

What’s on the Box?

Storm Castle

Let’s Play



The Quest

Using a Computer

Survival Adventure


The Litter Queen

Comic Illustrators

Making Monsters Happy

Training Like an Athlete

Pets: Mission Impossible!

Environmental Disasters

Harry the Hero – A Comic

The Blue Eye

Flying Kicks


Spread the Word

Dutch Adventure

Rabbits, Hats and Secrets

The Finest in the Land

Your Body Inside Out

The Flying Machine

Big Ears and Sticky Fingers

Key Trouble

Flight or Fright

Under Siege

Terry Takes Off

Dungeon Danger

The Lazy Giant

The Story of Sir Dave

Snow Troll

The Knights Handbook


Find me a Castle!

Two Brown Bears

The Chocolate Finger

Robot’s Special Day

Chocolate Chaos

Ella’s Umbrella

Choc-bot Charge

Sugar Plum Scary

Fantastic Choc-tastic

The Football Card Coach

The Chocolate Connection

Grandma and the Leopard

The Travelling Players

The Two Finlay Herberts

Princes in the Tower

Superhero Bunny League in Space

The Fair-haired Samuri

Messy Ella

Fireball in the Sky


What a Journey!

Dexter’s Dinosaurs

A Knight in Town

Captain Comet and the Purple Planet

The Children of Lir

The Big Little Dinosaur

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Mr Stofflees and the Painted Tiger

Beauty and the Beast


Against All Odds

The Magic Porridge Pot

A Proper Bike

Cosmo for Captain

Blackbeard’s Ship

Charlie Stories

One Step Ahead

Farmer Skiboo Stories

Picture This

The Sand Witch

Did You Know That?

An Adventure for Robo-dog

Further, Faster, Higher

The Destroyer

Visual Vikings A-Z

Space Rat Rescue

What in the World are Fairies?

Crunch Time

Race to the Pyramid

The Moon Winder

The Hunt for Nok

Molly and the Giant

The Ruby Cage

The Snow King

The Crystal Planet

King Donal’s Secret

Chamber of Treasures

Alien Swap

Hot Dog

Mr Rabbit the Farmer