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Stage 8

                                JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                    STAGE 8 BOOKS



Tall and Tiny

Big Liam Little Liam

The Lambton Worm



The Snow Den

The Ogre’s Dinner

Mr Grim’s Tower

A Lucky Find

Cool Buildings

The Strange Old House

Building Wembley

The Beehive Fence

How Anansi  got his Stories

The Secret Pop Star

Twelve Dancing Princesses

A Good Turn

Little Red Riding Hood

What’s Inside Me?

Finn MacCool and the Giant Causeway


Roxanne and the Fairy Godbrother

Ice-Maker, Ice-Breaker

Sam’s Supersonic Hamster

Freaky Fish

Don’t Eat Soup With Your Fingers

Musician: Vanessa-Mae

The Urgent Message

Modern Day Explorer: Steve Fossett

Smoke Signals to Smartphones

Way-out Day Out

Meeting Mozart

Mini Marvels

Meet a Genius

Wild Wheels

At the Monster Games

The Pizza Patch

Animal Superpowers

Beaks and Feet

Tiger x4

Pick Your Queen

The Sands of Akwa

A Wild Ride

Ant’s Pack

Don’t Look Down

The Screams of the Raptiss

Sam’s Flood Plan

Holo-Board Havoc

Atlantic Adventure

The Secret Whirlpool

The Water Cycle

The Kidnappers

Dangerous Creatures

Viking Adventure

Dinosaur Safari

The Rainbow Machine

Attack of the Centipede

The Flying Carpet

The Monster of the Deep

A Day in London

Escape of the Giant Chicken

Victorian Adventure

Pocket Money

Awesome Skies

The Evil Genie

Great Animal Gallery

Save Floppy!

Story of Our Lives

What Was It Like?

Kate and the Sheep


Pirate Percy’s Parrot

Egyptian Adventure

Jess and the Bean Root

Raju’s Ride

More Little Mouse Deer Tales

The Band of Friends

The Wish Fisher

Hair Scare

Charlie and the Aztecs

Doug Lugg, Boy Slug

Superhero Bunny League Saves the World

The Story of the Train Stop