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Stage 7

                                JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                    STAGE 7 BOOKS



The Motorway

Make a Space Shuttle

The Bully

Sport Then and Now

The Hunt for Gold


Chinese Adventure

Glorious Mud

Roman Adventure

What Do You Want To Be?

The Jigsaw Puzzle

Hide and Cheat

The Power Cut

Where’s Woody?

Australian Adventure

Jamie and the Chameleon

The Riddle Stone Part 1

Animal Magic

The Riddle Stone Part 2

Look Closer

A Sea Mystery

The Silver Box

The Big Breakfast

Tiger’s Discovery

Looga and Barooga: Day the Sky Went Boom

George’s Bright Idea

The Top of the Taj Mahal

Dragon Hunter

Not Ethan Again

Finding Things

Aunty Cake






A Mammoth Task

Baba Yaga

The Lightning Key

Planet Exis

Safe in a Storm

Attack of the Buzzles

Survival in the Arctic

The Empty Palace

What do we Need to Survive?

The Trap

I’m Not Wearing That

Nurp Stampede

Rory’s Lost his Voice

Battle with the Beast

The Monster  Under the Stairs

Extinct Giants

Toad Swims for his Life

Lost in the Jungle – Play Script


Senses Poems

Shy Shark

Music Poems

The Portrait Problem

Water Poems

A Tall Tale

Garden Poems

Detective Adventure

Legends Poems

The Time Capsule

Mystery Poems

Holiday in Japan

Friends Poems

Magic Tricks

Dinosaur Poems

Colour Code

Transport Poems

Bug Buzz

Emergency Poems

Our Class Tiger

Green Poems

Bin Goblins

Home Poems

Season Swap

Machine Poems

History’s Marvellous Mistakes

Weather Poems

Red Planet

Town Poems

Lost in the Jungle

Reptile Poems

The Broken Roof

Family Poems

The Lost Key

Things that Sting

The Willow Pattern Plot

Submarine Adventure