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Stage 6

                                  JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                    STAGE 6 BOOKS



In the Garden

Faster, Faster!

Kipper and the Giant

Two Left Feet

The Outing

Land of Letters

Land of the Dinosaurs

On the Stage

Robin Hood

The New Year Race

The Treasure Chest

May Morning

Dear Mum

The Big Foot Mystery

Bad, Bad Dog

Unusual Buildings


Wild Weather

My Sabre-tooth Pet

Food As Art

How the Bink Got it’s Stink


Looga and Barooga: Treasure of Soap Island

Tour de France

Deep Down Weird


Perfect Pets

The House that Jack Built

Zoom Out!

Something Big

A Pony for a Day

The Samosa Thief

Edward Lear’s Scrapbook

Sam Sports it Out

A Fright in the Night

Batter Splatter

Mirror Island

The Junk Cruncher

The Laughing Princess

An Amazing Find

Christmas Adventure

Blast Off!

The Go-Kart Race

Don’t Press the Buttons!

The Shiny Key

Worm Song

Yoshi the Stonecutter

Space Walk

The Frog Prince

Who Eats Who?

Monkey’s Magic Pipe

Robin Hood – Play Script

How the Bear Lost his Tail

What a Waste

Paris Adventure

Olympic Adventure

The Stolen Crown Part 1

Super Senses

The Stolen Crown Part 2

Buzz Off

Ship in Trouble

Go Away Molly


When Animals Invade


Body Invaders

Turn It Off?

Grub Up

In the Bin

Minibeasts Matter!

Max the Detective

The Steam Train

Alien Invasion

Seeing in the Dark