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Stage 5

                                  JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                    STAGE 5 BOOKS



Flying High

Julia Donaldson – A Biography

In a Spin

It’s Not Fair

Charlie Smith, Superkid

Underground Adventure

Making Things That Fly

Vanishing Cream

On the Wing

The Whatsit

Sleeping Beauty

The Great Race

The Adventure Park

A Monster Mistake

Kipper and the Trolls

Wonders of the World

Safari Adventure

Public Art

Dad’s Run

Houses Then and Now

Drawing Adventure

E-mails Home

Camel-Back Mountain

Looking After Your Dog

Highest Mountain, Deepest Canyon

Magic Tricks

The Treasure Map

The New Baby

Map, Compass, Explore

Camping Adventure

The Strange Beast


Beast Feasts

Noah’s Ark Adventure

Queen of the Waves

A New Classroom

Crab Island

Mum to the Rescue

Where Next?

Highland Games


The Orchid Thief

In the Dark


The Frog’s Tale

A Pet Called Cucumber

Jack and the Beanstalk


The Moon in the Pond

Bessie’s Flying Circus

The Magic Paintbrush

The Magic Key

Oh, Jack!

Pirate Adventure


The Dragon Tree

The Seagull


Nok Gets Homesick

Castle Adventure

The Parachute

Village in the Snow

Molly’s New Toy


Nok’s Lunch

The Sandwich that Jack Made

Robot Zoo

Clothes Poems

Bird Sounds

Food Poems

Erik’s Viking Adventure

Farm Poems

Can Fish Fly

Playtime Poems

One Potato, Two Potatoes

Clock Poems


Special Days Poems

The Noisy Day

Feelings Poems

Tiger’s Drum Kit

Shopping Poems

Be Quiet

Seasons Poems

What’s That Noise?

Pet Poems

Click! Bang! Pop!

Holiday Poems

How to Make a Wormery

Pip, Lop, Mip, Bop


Tomorrow Never Comes

Unusual Birds

The Night Knight

The Seaside Then and Now

Snooty’s Birthday Surprise

  Sometimes Mum is Silly

  The Festival of Colours