Juniper Hill School

Welcome to Juniper Hill School…

“Kindness Enjoyment Achievement”

Stage 4

                                JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                    STAGE 4 BOOKS




The Play Park

Animal Feet


Big Cats

Shoo Mouse, Shoo!


Pet Play

The Weather Vane

Computer Games

The Wedding

Dad’s Jacket

Poor Old Mum

Tug of War

Nobody Got Wet

An Important Case

The Camcorder

Stuck in the Mud

The Balloon

The Den

Dressing Up

Look Smart

A Dress for Biff

Cat’s Painting

Plants for Dinner

It’s Too Hot

The Stinky Plant


Mosaic Art

Funfair Fun

Mosaic Trail

A Shock for Nok

Night Animals



House for Sale


The New House

World Instruments

Come In

From Curry to Rice

The Secret Room

Grandad and Me

The Play

The Race

The Storm

Ants Bug Adventure

Hans in Luck

Zak and Zee

Tom, Dad and Colin

Bug Hunt

The Foolish Fox

What Do Bugs Eat?

Three Rocks

Wet Paint

Scoop’s Ups and Downs


The Mummy Chase

The Flying Elephant

Planet Cake

The Scarf

Pip, Lop, Mip, Bop and the Stuck Star

The Dragon Dance

The Lark and the Owl

Everyone Got Wet

The Dinosaur King

Roy at the Fun Park

Finger Snapper

Adam’s Car

The Bowling Trip

Wet Paint

The Mini Beast Zoo

Mosque School

The Good Luck Stone

Lucky the Goat

Top of the Mountain

Floppy and the Skateboard

Kid Rocket

Gran’s New Glasses

The Stars

The Birthday Candle

Long Legs

The Seal Pup


How to Make a Puppet Theatre

How to Make a Fruit Salad