Juniper Hill School

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“Kindness Enjoyment Achievement”

Stage 3

                                                JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                                    STAGE 3 BOOKS



Snack Attack

At the Seaside

How We See

The Snowman

Dive! Dive!

Sam’s Big Dinner

Space Dad


Up in the Air

Attack of the Snails

Home for a Night

Fang and the Dentist

The Right Home

We Want a Dog!

Is that Rain?

Ella Bella Boon


Football, Football

Pumpkin Mess

Going Somewhere

Grow a Strawberry Mess


Floppy and the Puppets

How to Draw Yourself

Monkeys on the Car

How to be Healthy


My Week

The Enormous Picture


Gran and the Go-Karts

The School Band

Helicopter Rescue


The Gingerbread Micro Man

Floating Boats

What’s for Lunch?


Stop, Pot Stop!

Making a Road


On the Sand

The Rainy Day

The Rope Swing

Snow Spoons

Nobody Wanted to Play

What a Day!

By the Stream

What’s the Weather Like Today?

A Cat in the Tree


The Egg Hunt

The Barbeque

The Duck Race

The Carnival


At the Pool

Pond Dipping


The Ice Rink

Book Week

The Mud Bath

The Cold Day

The Steel Band

King of the Castle

Boxer and the Fish

Bug Hunt

Chicken Licken

Mister Haggis

Right for Me

A Walk in the Sun

Cook, Pot Cook

Green Sheets

It’s the Weather

Road Burner

Naughty Children

On Nok’s Trail

The Dolphin Pool

Stuck in the Mud

The Monkey Tricks

The Lost Cow

Up and Down

The Rocket Flight

A Sinking Feeling

Popcorn Surfing

The Birthday Cake

I Win!

How Can I Help You?

The Jumble Sale

Hey Presto!

Strawberry Jam

Creepy Crawly

Kipper the Clown

Pip at the Zoo

Kipper’s Idea

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