Juniper Hill School

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“Kindness Enjoyment Achievement”

Stage 2

                                 JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                    STAGE 2 BOOKS



Tiger’s Fish

Big Car Small Car


The Headache

A Bag of Tricks

Floppy the Hero

Cats Picnic

The Dream

Nok Can Fix It

Kipper’s Laces

An Odd Bug

The Foggy Day

Pickles New Home

The Go-Kart

My Cat Moggy

New Trainers

Paco’s Pet

What a Bad Dog!

A Dog’s Day

What a Mess!

My Pet

Who did That?

Run Cat Run!

The Toy’s Party

Big and Small

A New Dog

Ben and Paul

Kipper’s Balloon

Ant and Baby

The Water Fight