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Stage 14

                                 JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                   STAGE 14 BOOKS



The WOW! Award

Explorers, Then and Now

The Big Story

Step Away from the Kitten

WOW! Magazine

William Kamkwamba

Micro Man Makes Big News

Journey to Mars

Making a Splash

How Do They Do That?

Animals and Us

Spectacular Film Stunts

The Power of Nature

Cocoa Warriers

Maps, Measurements and Meanings

Marco Polo and the Roc

The Moon

The Taj

Write Now

Fire Mountain

How to Shock Your Parents

Nellie in the News

Robot Rampage

How Winter came into the World

Battle of the Monster X-Bot

Helen of Troy

Air Raid

Why the Sea is Salty

In a Class of her Own


An Anthology

Sing for your Supper

Absolutely Awful  Adults

OK Spanner, You Win!

The Boggart

The Waythroo Wormhole

Warriors of Honour

Grace the Pirate


Danny’s Secret Fox

The Well at the World’s End

Climbing in the Dark

The Booming Boots of Joey Jones

The Night of the Ticklers

Never Wash Your Hair


Operation Holotanium

Never Take a Bath in the Dark

The Terrible Power of House Rabbit

The Fury of Vogoss

An Ancient Enemy