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Stage 13

                              JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                   STAGE 13 BOOKS



Waiting for Goldie

The Greenville Giant

I Wish, I Wish

X-Bot Reboot

The Goalies Secret

Science Shocks!

The Personality Potion

Under the Microscope

The Case of the Smiling Shark

The Rust Monster

The Ultimate Trainers

Pit-Stop Peril

Flashes and Bangs

The Red Cutlass

Invasive Species

Cyberbee Breakout

Time Zone

Front Page Story


Peter and the Wolf


Decisions, Decisions

Black Dan

Cat Out of the Bag

The Goalie from Nowhere

The Anti-Bully Machine

The Monster in the Wardrobe

The True Diary of Carly Ann Potter

The Revenge of Captain Blood

Pet Squad

Changing Shape

Star Struck

King Arthur Needs You!

The Quest for the Golden Seesaw

Transylvania United

Fur from Home: Animal Adventures

Rama’s Journey

The Golden Scarab

How the World Began

Raiders of the Seas

King Midas and Other Tales

Chimpanzee Chum

The First Emperor

Cave of Secrets

Wonderful Things

Winning Words

Under the Volcano

Making Music

Hollywood Here I Come

The X-Machine

Save Our Coasts!

Escaping Slavery

Hard Work

Escape from Colditz

The Deep

Skyboy and Other Stupendous Science Stories

Revenge of the X-bots!