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Stage 12

                              JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                   STAGE 12 BOOKS



The Lie Detector

The Witness

Cool Clive

Making a Stand


The Missing Statue

Robbie Woods and his Merry Men

It’s Your Call

Hamper’s Great Escape

A Matter of Life or Death

Clive Keeps his Cool

To Infinity and Beyond

Doughnut Dilemma

Celebrating Black History

Cool Clive and the Bubble Trouble

It’s Chaos!

Shelley Holmes: Animal Trainer

The Unexplained

Kid Wonder and the Sticky Skyscraper

And So To Bed!

Scrapman and the Incredible Flying Machine

Moving Pictures

Kid Wonder and the Half-Hearted Hero

Do Monsters Exist?

Big Weather

Breaking News: Shipwreck

Jungle Journal

Let’s Look at Adverts

Man Meets Metal

The Flick of a Switch

The Great Howling Mystery

What’s Strange About Saturday?

Terrible Tina

What Can You See in this Cloud?

Jamie Jones: Galaxy Defender

Secret in the Shadows

Big Top Academy

Ragnar – The Legend of the Hairy Trousers


The Trojan Horse

A Sudden Drop

Tiger’s Legendary Heroes

Who Needs Stories?

Silas Greenshield’s Guide to Boggarts etc

A Christmas Carol

Badlaws Revenge

Mischief Makers

Trapped in Time

Fables from Africa

Double Cross

Hercules the Hero

The Rats of Rolia

When a Cat Ruled the World

The Terrible Birthday Present


Blue Shoes

Tyrannosaurus Max

Dads Win Prizes

The Ghost in the Washing Machine

A Kitten in Daisy Street

The Crayfish Catchers

Doohickey and the Robot

Nan and the Baaad Sheep

Kid Wonder and the Terrible Truth

Griff and the Griffiin

Me and My Newt

Normal Norma

Scrapman and Scrapcat


Snooty Prune

The Creatures at Number 9

Billy’s Luck

Dads Win Prizes

Pass the Ball!

A Kitten in Daisy Street

Shelley Holmes: Ace Detective

Doohickey and the Robot

Cool Clive and the Little Pest

Kid Wonder and the Terrible Truth

Here Comes Trouble