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Stage 11

                               JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                   STAGE 11 BOOKS



Air Scare

Ronald the Tough Sheep

Heroine in Hiding

The Jam Street Puzzle

Jake Jones v Vlad the Bad

Toffee and Marmalade

Dr X’s Top 10 Villains

PSID and Bolter

Heroes or Villains

Brer Rabbit’s Trickbag

Space Hunt

Toyshop Terror

The Deadly Cave

The Ballerina of Doom

Grumptus Attack

Get Me Out of Here

The Mines of Moxor

Escape Artists

The Contest


Return to Exis

A Nasty Surprise

Scratch’s Bad Reputations

Ant Meets the Queen

Our Siberian Journey

The Knockits of Knockity Hoo

Tasty Travels

Ants at Home

Top Ten Worst Jobs in History

Going Underground

Outdoor Art


Real Heroes

Dancing the Night Away

Lone Wolf

Arabian Nights

The X-bots are Coming

The Huge and Horrible Beast

Attack of the X-bots

Dick Whittington

Under Attack

Mary-Anne and the Cat Baby

Strong Defences

Blackbones Saves the School

Great Blunders

The Wrong Letter

Monsters from the Deep

Dangerous Trainers

What is Time?

The Big Chance

Lost and Found

Janey’s Giants

A Guide to Revolting Rome

An Odd Job for Bob and Benny

Stages Through the Ages

Hard to Please

Wall Soldier

Bertha’s Secret Battle

A-Z of Survival

Coming Clean

The Tower of London

Amy the Hedgehog Girl

Picture Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Flans Across the River

Cutters and Crushers

Bertie Wiggins Amazing Ears

War Children

The Fabulous Food Machine

The Phoney Mob

Jem Stone Genie – the Crash

Stage Fright

The Luckless Monster

Sharks on the Loose

My Dad Does Belly Dancing

Masks in Film and Theatre

Robot Childminder

Safe Behind a Mask

Stinky Street

Ant Storm

Secret Life of Rocks

Ant Attack

Natural History Mysteries


Bushcraft: Survival Skills


The Lifeguard Dog

Animal Conflicts

Dancing Feet

Animal Tricksters

The Big Stink

Gods of Thunder

The Singing Tortoise

Merlin and the Lost King of England

William and the Mouse

Clever Monkey

In the Snow

Rip Van Winkle

Out of Control

The Swallow and the Nightingale

Do Tigers have Nine Lives?


Julia Caesar

The Craggox Awake

Agent Blue and the Swirly Whirly

Attack of the Blobs

The Quest

The Image Maker

Smelly Socks and Terrible Tangles

Battle with Badlaw

Parrots of the Caribbean

Stanley Manners

A Job for George and Milo

Rhyme Slime

Teeny Tiny Aliens and the Great Big Pet