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Stage 10

                                JUNIPER HILL SCHOOL READING SCHEME

                                                   STAGE 10 BOOKS



The Chase

Save the World

The Fun Run

The Cave of Life

The Super Skateplank

Attack of the Giant Meeb

Downhill Racers

Fear Forrest

Top Speed

Spaceship Graveyard

Amazing Brain

Swamp Crash

The Fame Game

Purple Buttons

Horrid Heroes and Magic Monsters

Noisy Neighbours

It’s Magic

Stupid Trousers

Animal Parents

Jellyfish Shoes

Seeing the Stars

Masked Cleaning Ladies Meet the Pirates

Cleared for Take Off

The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om

Edward and Tom – Prince and Pauper

The Masked Cleaning Ladies Save the Day

The Power of Plants

The Great Spagetti Suit

Sport is Fun

Dragon Doughnuts

How to Make Soil

Betsy’s Birthday

Amazing Paint

Captain Crossbones and the Lost Treasure

Finding Rover

Beach Detectives

Lost in the Hills

The Chicken Who Liked Chocolate

Jungle Jar

Stanley Stone Rocks

Gladstone’s Lost Cities

Making a Book

Animals In Danger


The Balloon Team


Divided We Fall

Working in Films

Fee Fie Fo Mum!

Odd Eggs

Let’s Form a Band


The Beautiful Team

Bad Cats


Tom Thumb and the Football Team

Beastly Basil

Doris Bean and the Queen

Cleaner Genie

Yummy Scrummy

Town Dog

Nelly the Monster-Sitter


Disgusting Denzil

Eric’s Talking Ears

Let’s Make Comics!

High Five Henry

Burp, Scabs and Smells

Underwater Adventure

Skills and Thrills

Cuckoo Trouble

A Life in the Sky

Ant and the Break-bot

The Dinosaur Hunters

Flying Machines

The Life of Leonardo

Extreme Exploring Machines

Trouble in the Rockies

Frankenstein’s Sofa

Riding the Waves

The Greatest Viking Ever

Incredible Journeys

Molly Meacher, Class 2 Teacher

Hamster Rampage

Pablo’s Travelling Notebook

Human Body Adventures

The Dog of Truth

Jungle Shorts

Agent Blue and the Super-Smelly Goo

Princess Pip’s Holiday


The Spooks

Wolf Fables

Captain Comet and the Dog Star

Legend of Robin Hood

The Afterschool Alien Club

Heads Up!

Starmite Swarm


The Sparrow, the Crow and the Pearl

Zaha Hadid – Building the Future

The Giants of Ariddas


Emily and the Lamb

Half Price Hero

Clown School

Cornflake Coin

Prince Albert’s Birthday

Fast Frog

The Selkie Child

Micro the Metal Dog

Fabulous Fables

The Ghost Ship

The Pied Piper

Space Vultures

Sleeping Beauty

The Planet of Bones

When Dad Scored a Goal in the Garden

Karen’s Adventures

Kate’s Garden

Ghost Tricks