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Special Educational Needs

We work in partnership with the Local Authority to support any child who has a statement of Special Educational Needs. If a child already has a statement of special educational needs, or has significant special or medical needs, please talk to us in confidence so that together we can ensure that all aspects of the admission process take place in good time, to ensure the best support for your child.
Our school has an Additionally Resourced Provision or ARP for up to ten pupils with physical or medical needs. This is known as “The Department” and provides extra support to enable children to be fully included in our school.
All teaching is carefully planned so the needs of all pupils are met. Lessons are differentiated to three levels or more to ensure the children are challenged. Pupils with significant special educational needs will have individual programmes as well as adult support when necessary.


We are proud of the fact that our school has a positive attitude towards the inclusion of all pupils as we wish our school to be a true reflection of the society in which our children live.
This school believes that every child has the right to develop their full potential. We provide educational experiences which develop pupils’ achievements and recognise their individuality. Diversity is valued as a rich resource which supports the learning of all. In our school, inclusion recognises the right of every child to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum which is appropriate to their individual abilities, talents and personal qualities. It involves the identification and minimising of barriers to learning and participation that may be experienced by any pupil, regardless of age, ability, gender, ethnicity, language and social background and the maximising of resources to reduce these barriers.


Our SENDco is Mrs Bridson. She can be contacted via the school office on 01628 523536.

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